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“In a market filled with lots of great code­learning games and sites, CodeMonkey stands out with its cheerful graphics, carefully constructed puzzles, and thoughtful sequences of puzzles."
- Common Sense Media

"I have been using CodeMonkey with grades 3+. The students and teachers love it! It's my first year coding at age 29. Kids can code and I can too!"
- Megan McNinch, Sugar Creek Elementary School in Fort Mill, SC

"I am so pleased I had the opportunity to try Code Monkey, so far I think it is the best that I have seen. The lesson plans with their online and offline activities are really good. It made it easy for the children to understand our goals with the challenge ahead of them."
- Katarina Lantz-Dretnik, The Swedish School, UK

"Brilliant. The teacher reference solutions are a great tool to have because some of my students are moving ahead of me!!!"
- Mic Lowne, Primary School ICT Teacher, Melbourne.

"I’ve enjoyed using CodeMonkey with the students. I use it with a 3-4 grade class and a 5-6 grade class. The program is easy to navigate and activities are almost self-teaching... The students have really enjoyed CodeMonkey. They treat it like a game, especially the self-created challenges section. We’ve been doing it for several weeks now, and they are happy to see me when I come in to start the session."
- Roger Coy, Three Rivers Charter School, CA

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