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Grades 3-8 | Technology Skills | Cloud-based

What is CodeMonkey?

The Easiest Way to Teach Programming in School! Built for Educators. No Experience Required.

CodeMonkey is an engaging online game that teaches real computer programming to children as young as 9. Through fun challenges with beautiful animations and lovable characters, alongside CodeMonkey's unique user experience and special online teaching tools, teachers can introduce basic computer science knowledge to students and better prepare them for the 21st century.

The CodeMonkey curriculum is built as a self-paced online game, where students advance through a progression of challenges. In each level, students write real code to program a monkey to catch all the bananas on the screen. Each solution is checked and graded automatically, and the students receive personalized instructions and hints that help them advance at a pace right for them.​

What Topics does CodeMonkey Cover?

CodeMonkey covers topics such as objects, function calls, arguments, loops, variables, arrays, for loops, function definitions, boolean conditions, until loops, if and if­else conditions and boolean operators with over 400 challenges. Future releases will introduce more topics. The programming language used in CodeMonkey is called CoffeeScript. It’s a language that compiles to JavaScript, and similarly to JavaScript it is used in the industry primarily for web applications. CodeMonkey chose this language for a few reasons, but mainly because of its friendly syntax, which resembles the way we write in English, compared to other programming languages.

CodeMonkey GameBuilder

CodeMonkey's GameBuilder offers courses teaching students how to build real games for computers and mobile devices. After they've learned how to program platformers, "Frogger" variations, and animated sprites, students can use their knowledge to create their own games, which they can share with the world! Learn more about GameBuilder and play sample games here.

Teacher Friendly

It is important to us that teachers feel comfortable teaching with CodeMonkey. That is why we are providing you with tools to help you feel “on top of” the teaching process. CodeMonkey provides a unique curriculum that accompanies the teaching process step­by­step. Additionally, CodeMonkey provides a teacher’s dashboard where instructors can keep track of their students' progress in real time, as well as see the actual code they wrote. CodeMonkey also provides a cheat­sheet so you’ll have the solutions to all challenges.

The CodeMonkey curriculum has 32 lesson plans, each 45 minutes long, plus 3 workshops for creating challenges using the Challenge Builder. The lessons are constructed of three parts: introduction, play time on CodeMonkey, and revision. The curriculum accompanies your teaching process step by step and is written so that even if you don't have previous experience with Computer Science, you will be able to teach by simply following the instructions.

Why Teach Programming?

There is a growing need developing in the K12 educational system surrounding the integration of programming into the core curriculum. Where word processing and spreadsheets were once emphasized, today the trend has shifted to develop students’ technology skills to not only consume technology but to build it. Introducing students to computer programming at an earlier age not only develops their computational thinking skills but also increases critical thinking skills such as problem solving. Read more.

CodeMonkey's curriculum teaches computational thinking and core computer science concepts that will prepare your students for the careers of tomorrow.

CodeMonkey's was recognized as a KOKOA quality solution with high educational value and robust pedagogical design. Here's why.

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